Outline of the R.I. Process


Vehicle Information received at AVI.

AVI prepares and verifies vehicle information.  The required bond of 150% of declared value and all required documents are sent to our Customs Broker to be processed for U.S. Customs.

All vehicles are transported through Port of Entry, (Sarnia/Port Huron or Detroit/ Windsor). 

AVI prepares all necessary documents for U.S. Customs prior to arrival at Port of Entry.

After clearing U.S. Customs, all vehicles must be delivered to AVI.

AVI will verify vehicles and enter information in our exclusive inventory program.

Our programs generate daily Inventory reports along with detailed vehicle information.

All required photographs are taken of the vehicle, displays, equipment, instrument cluster, tire label and Manufacturer Label.

Speedometer cluster is removed from vehicle and converted from KMs to Miles.

In certain makes and models, a new speedometer cluster will be obtained and programmed to read in Miles.

The speedometer cluster will be re-installed and tested for accuracy.

A Manufacturer Recall check will be obtained.

All vehicles that have an outstanding Safety Recall, will have the recall completed by the appropriate Manufacturer dealership.

After installation of speedometer cluster, and completion of any recalls, AVI will affix their RI label as certification.

Final inspection and photographs are completed.

AVI will send the compliance package to D.O.T. with all required documents, forms and photographs.

After 30 days, (or if the bond release is received prior to 30 days) vehicles can be driven on U.S roads, sold in the U.S. market and titled.

After the holding period, AVI will arrange the release of vehicles for transport and pickup.

AVI can also assist in the title process.

This is a general overview of the RI process.

Any questions, please email or call AVI.  

Our friendly and dedicated staff will be more than happy to assist you.